When planning sessions, we’re removing this question from the list

If you’ve ever booked a session with us, and specifically if you’ve ever booked a wedding with us, then you know we’re pretty detailed with the questions we ask. This is to make sure we can get some ideas together and plan your session well ahead of time. We’re removing one question from that list, and we think by doing so it will help us improve our quality of work quite a bit, as this single question has held us back in a lot of ways.

On our booking questionnaire, the one thing we removed was the question “If you could choose any kind of location, what would you choose?”.

The reasoning for this is pretty simple when you break it down. When people pay us to provide them with quality work, they trust us to fill in some of the gaps using our imagination. However, when we ask this question, we’re limiting ourselves to the location we could use. This in turns limits us in the type of lighting we use, posing, and overall look of the session. By removing this question, this will let us use the rest of your answers in more detail, and force us to be more creative which is something we have always been known for.