My name is Casey Sexton. I’m a Respiratory Therapist, but am also an avid photographer who tries to focus (no pun intended) on landscapes as well as waterscapes. I also help upcoming photographers learn more about areas they may be struggling in, in the form of photography classes, often held in my hometown of Whitesburg Kentucky.

Because people often ask for a family, senior, or engagement session - while I will be happy to do those sessions, I also remind those clients that land and waterscapes are my main focus, so they can be sure that their photos will be a part of that theme. This is why every single portrait you see on my website has a focus of both the person as well as the landscape around them. As it turns out, this has caught on and people seem to absolutely love it.

Besides being a Respiratory Therapist and a photographer, I am also fighting colon cancer, at 35! Of course it makes life a little harder, even the simple things like changing the settings on my camera is harder because of side effects from the chemo I had to take.

I'm passionate about photography, and also about the area we live in. Beyond accepting commissions from some of Whitesburg’s families and businesses, we (my wife, Evelyn) are well known for our active community involvement.  From being the official photographer of the 2015 Foster Family Fundraiser, to being actively involved in helping sheltered dogs and cats get adopted (they were a handful but it was worth it!) - we always seem to stay busy and always seem to find ways to help our community by using the talent we have.