Without question, if you're looking for the most passionate and hardest working photography team in Eastern Kentucky including Whitesburg, Hazard, Pikeville, Norton, Wise, and surrounding counties - you've come to the right spot!

We’re Casey and Evelyn, and we absolutely love being able to use our artistic talent to help our clients capture and create images will last for generations well beyond our time.

I'm passionate about photography, and also about the area we live in.  Beyond accepting commissions from some of Whitesburg’s families and businesses, we are well known for our active community involvement.  From being the official photographer of the 2015 Foster Family Fundraiser, to being actively involved in helping sheltered dogs and cats get adopted (they were a handful but it was worth it!) - you can be sure that when you hire us, you're also hiring a two people who care deeply about their community. 

Our latest project includes working with children who have been diagnosed with various forms of cancer, no matter their outcome, at least their families will have some great photos to keep for many generations.

Please enjoy our site, and if you have questions or edit suggestions, please drop us a line at caseysexton2@outlook.com


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